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Today's Cast:

  • Jersey Mike: Legal Husband
  • Young Skywalker: Son #1 ("Heir")
  • Charlotte: Young Skywalker's Bride
  • Grasshopper: Son #2 ("Spare")
  • Sammy: The Good Sister
  • Smokey: Sammy's Husband
  • New Kristine: Young Skywalker's Ex
  • Mike G.: New Kristine's Beau
  • Pop: Pop
  • BonBon: Pop's Wife
  • Jebbo: My Brother
  • The Other Sister: My Other Sister
  • The Beloved Basset: Tank
  • Banjo/Bojangles/Betty - New Kristine's Dog Who Lives With Us

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Thanks for putting so many of these thoughts on paper. There is still time to be a stand-up comic. So many of the items below have I done or thought about....did the vacuum cleaner bit just a few days ago.

By the way called you at the office yesterday and the recording came on about calling for a tow truck. Of course didn't want to leave a message for you just in case someone else may have answered a personal call.

Shortly after I left to pick up my sister to go to our weekly luncheon. By the time I got home I'm sure you had left the office.

Had about 4 - 5" last night and we're already shoveled out.

Enjoy your weekend. Hi to Mr. Sine


I would say 99% of those are all things we have thought about.

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